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Le Pays Bigouden


A cultural area in southern Finistère, renowned for the traditional headdresses worn by the locals until the beginning of the 21st century.


Fishing plays a major role in the economy in the Pays Bigouden.  Le Guilvinec is the largest fishing port in France.


The Pays Bigouden comprises twenty "communes" in three different cantons :

- canton of Le Guilvinec (Loctudy - Penmarc'h - Plobannalec -Lesconil...)
- canton of Pont-l'Abbé (île Tudy - Plomeur - Pont l'Abbé - Tréméoc...)
- canton of Plogastel -Saint Germain (Tréogat - Pouldreuzic - Plovan - Plogastel...)


Discover the Pays Bigouden and take part in the different festivities that are organised throughout the year, for example:

-  Fête des Brodeuses (embroidery festival) in Pont-L'Abbé, capital of the pays Bigouden.  Takes place the 2nd weekend in July.
- Fête de la langoustine at Lesconil harbour, a popular fete to introduce the tourists to the port's main attraction -  shrimps. 

Calendar of festivities and pardons  >> here




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